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Boiler repairs are for experienced Gas Safe qualified trades people. This is because of the disasterous consequences of not carrying out the work properly.

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If you require your combi boiler to be repaired it is advisable to have your boiler manual to hand to look for simple steps that can be taken to rectify the problem or diagnose the problem. If you do not have this you will probably find it available directly from the combi boiler manufacturers website.

If there is no flame or your flame is not burning with a blue flame you need to ring for a combi boiler engineer.

If your pilot light has gone out, check the boiler handbook to comprehend what the problem could be and how to switch it back on once more. Frequently, it calls for holding down your pilot light reset push button for a period plus clicking your ignition system switch.

After the pilot light flame reappears, youll typically have to keep your reset button held down for at least 30 moments before releasing it. If this does not work following a few attempts, you need to phone out a combi boiler plumber.

During cold winters boilers can fail if the condensation drain gets obstructed. Newer combi boilers take out most of the heat from the flue gases and this could cause moisture to gather within the gas boiler. Your combi boiler could stop until the pipe is unblocked.


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