Central Heating Problems

Central Heating Problems are quickly and easily resolved by our dedicated engineers..

The most common Central Heating Problems involves blocked boilers and radiators.

Central Heating Problems

When your central heating is working hard as it should your system is unnoticed and runs silently and invisible in the background. However when you get central heating problems the effects are instantly noticable creating an uncomfortable atmosphere at home or in your office. This can be noticed with a sudden drop in temperature or even a rise in temperature with winter nights and mornings an experience.

When you get central heating problems the first thing to do is to thoroughly look at the possible causes of the central heating problem. Get access to your boiler and make sure the pilot light is on through a small inspection window for older boilers. If this is the problem then read the manufacturers instruction on how to relight the pilot flame.

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The boiler clock timer can be a cause of central heating problems at home after a power failure or the settings have been changed to a different time. Central heating thermostats have a temperature graduation from 10 and 30 degrees celcius. Coming into a very cold house an audible click may be heard at the lower end of the scale and in hot temeperatures the click will be heard at the top end of the scale. This click represents the temperature in the room and turns the boiler on when the marker is set above the current temperature of the room. Central Heating Problems caused by the thromstat are easy to recognise and can be replaced by our qualified engineers.

Low temerature radiators can be the cause of central heating problems. If the pipe at the bottom is hot but the top of the radiator isn.t your radiator may be drained of water and needs to be refilled by removing the trapped air at the top of the radiator. All radiators have a sqaure value near the top corners which when turned anti clockwise will open the valve releasing the trapped air due to the pressure off water pressing down to refill the radiator. Once the hissing sound of air has gone and a bubbling sounds starts the air is nearly out . At this point you need to watch for leaking water out of the valve. Once water is seen turn the valve clockwise to close it.

Central heating problems can also be as a result of low amount of water in the system and this could be quite evident if some banging noises are noticed. The result of low water could be because of ill-fitted pipes that bangs when they heat up. You are also advised to check how well the pump of your system is fitted when you notice some uncommon humming sounds from your gas boiler.

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Central Heating Problems

As boilers are in use they steadily lose their efficiency, but if they are regularly maintained and serviced you can keep on top of your energy consumption.
We are fitting a lot of condensing combi boiler systems to properties at the moment and these are a good way to reduce needless waste of hot water. Condensing combi boilers also remove the requirement for you to have a water cylinder in your home, this will free up more space or give you another cupboard in your house.
When you need help and advice with your boiler repairs then give us a call, we enjoy speaking to everyone and our advice is always free of charge. We have testimonials and details available of all our work and we are proud to show these on request.

Taking care of your central heating is essential as not only does it mean that you will be kept warm for longer and the heating system will be safer, but you can also save on very substantial gas bills if the system is set up and functioning correctly. This is where can help.

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Our central heating service is available to everyone. We are experienced in all types of central heating systems, traditional, modern and sealed systems. We work with both domestic and commercial customers.

There have been great advances in central heating technology, you can gain a lot more from your central heating system without spending a great deal of money. At the same time, you can save yourself money as energy bills keep rising.

By utilising new techniques, radiator resiting and cleaning of relevant parts you can rejuvenate old systems.

Speak to us today to find out what we can offer, all our advice is free and we are usually available.

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