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The modern fitted bathroom is the unsung hero of civilisation. Stepping into your central heated bathroom in the morning for your shower sets you up for a productive day.

fitted bathroom plumbing

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fitted bathroom plumbing

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fitted bathroom plumbing

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fitted bathroom plumbing

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Using a built in lavatory with a fresh water flush helps maintain healthy sanitation whilst washing your face and cleaning your teeth is easily done when using a standard wash basin with piped cold water and piped hot water from your hot water tank or combi boiler.

To make your fitted bathroom productive you need to use the best materials you can afford. Whilst practical use of the equipment has been the same modern materials have transformed the shapes of toilets, sinks, baths and showers. You can select many of these modern bathroom furniture pieces from showrooms and builders catalogues to have a cost effective standard type of fitted bathroom or a stylish fitted bathroom with colours and material of your choice.

Fitting your bathroom with your new bathroom furniture pieces can be done by yourself for standard bathroom fittings but when investing in stylish and expensive bathroom furniture fitting them requires more skill and experience as the fixings and plumbing becomes complicated. This is where ZD can help.

We can carry out your fitted bathroom plumbing methodically and quickly with guaranteed workmanship. Call us today for free advice, we are usually available or leave us a message.


ZD Plumbing Heating in Sheffield are a skilled and very experienced group of tradesmen who know how to get the job done right first time! Fully guaranteed workmanship is ensured on all jobs, large or small for all domestic customers and commercial clients.


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