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Fitted Wet Room Plumbing and Heating

Stepping into your central heated wet room in the morning for your walk in shower sets you up for a productive day.

fitted wet room
fitted wet room
fitted wetroom
fitted wetrooms

Whilst practical use of the wet room or bathroom has been the same, modern materials have transformed the shapes of the furniture. You can select many of these modern wet room furniture pieces from showrooms and builders catalogues to have a cost effective standard type of fitted wet room or a stylish fitted wet room with colours and materials of your choice.

To make your fitted wet room productive you need to use the best materials you can afford. Fitting your wetroom with your new wetroom furniture pieces can be done by yourself for standard wet room fittings but when investing in stylish and expensive wetroom furniture fitting them requires more skill and experience as the fixings and plumbing becomes complicated. This is where ZD can help.

We can carry out your fitted wet room plumbing methodically and quickly with guaranteed workmanship. Call us today for free advice, we are usually available or leave us a message.

Wet Room Installation

Wet Rooms have waterproof walls with a walk in shower and gently sloping waterproof floor to a flush fitting drain. All bathroom and wet room tiles, adhesives and grouts are permeable to water and can allow moisture to absorb into the walls over time causing mould and rot. Our "Tanking" technique for wet rooms and saunas protects the building against moisture migration and leaks.

For a successful wetroom to enhance your home it must have:

  • Ventilation to remove steam from your walk in shower
  • Properly fitted quality water proofing, "Tanking"
  • Fit for purpose drainage including setting of the floor slope
  • Safe, durable and easy to maintain hard surfaces for floors and walls


ZD Plumbing Heating in Sheffield are a skilled and very experienced group of tradesmen who know how to get the job done right first time! Fully guaranteed workmanship is ensured on all jobs, large or small for all domestic customers and commercial clients.


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